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LCA is a two year programme in which students are prepared for the world of work and also for most Post Leaving Certificate Courses.
It is a distinct, self-contained two-year leaving certificate programme aimed at preparing students for adult and working life.
It emphasises forms of achievement and excellence which the established leaving certificate has not recognised in the past.

Admissions to LCA in St.Brigid's

The maximum number of available places in LCA will be dependent upon staffing, facilities and resources and will be determined annually by the Board of Management. 

Priority will be given to students registered in the school. Places in LCA1 will not be offered to students transferring from other schools until the end of the academic year. Therefore, students transferring from other schools are advised to apply for a place in 5th year also, in case there is insufficient places available. All applicants transferring from other schools will be offered places in order of the date and time the application is received.

For acceptance on to the Leaving Certificate Applied Programme, the school must be of the opinion that a student is capable of benefiting from participation in LCA and, equally, that her participation will not prevent any other student(s) from benefiting from participation. Any decision in this regard will be taken by the LCA Admissions Committee, following consultation with the student’s teachers, the student and the parents of the student concerned. 

If, after the LCA Admissions Committee have made a determination on the suitability of applicants for the programme, a situation of oversubscription exists places will be offered to the eldest applicants as per birth certificates submitted to the school as part of the school’s registration process. Should one of the successful applicants subsequently decline the place offered to her the place will be offered to the next eldest applicant and so on. 

For further details, a copy of the Leaving Certificate Applied Admissions Policy is available by contacting the school office. 

The LCA programme covers three main areas:

General Education
Subjects studied in this area include a Modern European Language, Music, Social Education, Leisure and Recreation, and Irish

Vocational Education
This section of the LCA helps the development of skills in Information Technology, Hotel, Catering and Tourism, Haircare and Mathematics. LCA Assessment
Students are assessed on a continuous basis as well as final examinations at the end of year two. Credit is given for Modules completed, projects, aural, oral, practical and written examinations.

Work Experience:
Every Friday LCA students complete four different work placements over two years. This prepares them for the world of work and helps them to decide on their future careers.

The following are the subjects

  • Religious Education
  • Leisure and Recreation
  • Hotel, Catering and Tourism
  • Communicative Spanish
  • English and Communication
  • Information Technology
  • Irish
  • Career Guidance
  • Mathematical Applications
  • Social Education
  • Vocational Preparation and Guidance
  • Two Arts Education Modules

In LCA 2 students complete the following examinations set by the State Examinations Commission during the June exam period:

  • Mathematical Applications
  • Hair and Beauty
  • English and Communications
  • Social Education
  • Irish
  • Spanish
  • Hotel, Catering and Tourism

Upon completion of these state exams students are graded under the following categories:

  • Distinction
  • Merit
  • Pass

This final result is based on Continuous Assessment since LCA 1 and their final exams.