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After School Study

After School Supervised Study is offered in St. Brigid’s Secondary School. 

Session 1:   4.10pm – 6.20pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

1.45pm - 3.55pm Wednesday 

Session 2:   6.50-9.00 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

4.10-6.20 Wednesday

 In general only senior students only attend session 2, though younger students are also permitted to attend. Students participating in session one only must leave the school as soon as their study slot has ended. Students are supervised during the break between 6.20 and 6.50. During this time, students have access to microwaves and boiling water.

On the days of scheduled parent teacher meetings, study will commence at the earlier time of 3.55pm. It will, however, finish at the normal time of 6.20.

 Attendance is recorded each evening and students receive a stamp in their journal to confirm their attendance at each session. Further information regarding study is available in the student diary and application forms are available in the office.