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St Brigid's Killarney | School History

School History

The history of St. Brigid's Secondary School dates back to the beginning of the nineteenth century. The Presentation Congregation was founded in Cork, by Nano Nagle in 1774. On October 2, 1793 the Presentation Sisters came to Killarney. The foundation in Killarney was noted by the annalist with emotion: "This is the first branch transplanted from the parent tree." The initial convent and school in Killarney consisted of three houses in New Street. A new building was completed in 1803 and later an industrial school was added in which girls were taught needlework, crochet, lace making and knitting. The Killareny Lace School became famous. Another building was completed in 1875. In 1948 the Presentation Sisters opened a Secondary School. The foundation stone of St. Brigid's Secondary School was laid in 1950. In 1984 the present extension to the school was completed.