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TY No Phone Challenge by Orlaith O Connor

On Tuesday the 24th of October our Transition Years took on a very difficult challenge to raise money for Enable Ireland. Transition Year students handed up their phones for 24 hours. Enable Ireland challenged students from all over the country to take part in their fundraiser. At 12pm on Tuesday The students reluctantly dropped their phones into the box to be locked away at school for the night!

At first, students were enthusiastic and were not too lonely after their beloved gadgets but as the day slowly progressed the anxiety began to kick in! Students were constantly reaching into their pockets only to remember there was nothing there!

Their moods began to change Tuesday evening as they began to miss their phones more and more every minute. They found it hard to even have a proper conversation with each other as they are so used to constantly being on their mobiles.

However, as much stress and anxiety it may have caused them, our students were successful in raising money for an excellent cause and living a whole 24 hours without the use of their phones.