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AXA Road Safety by Wiktoria Bankosz TY

On the 21st of November the transition years attended the AXA Road Safety Roadshow with An Garda Siochana in the INEC with almost a thousand transition years from schools all over Kerry. The aim of this event was  to warn us of the dangers of speeding and reckless driving before we learn how to drive and take the exam. The main talk was given by Gardaí , Fire Brigade and Medical Staff . We were shown videos and they walked us through a real car accident  . The doctor showed us some  photographs of injuries from car accidents . The most emotional part of the Roadshow was when Anne Tydings from Lisselton told us her story. She lost her son Padraig in a car crash 13 years ago. When Ms.Tydings started to tear up on stage, it caused an emotional response from the audience.  After the talks, we went outside to see a demonstration of a person being taken out of a car. The fire brigade first unscrewed the doors , took out the glass form the back window and then used a hydraulic cutter to take the roof off the car. They then lowered the seat and placed a spinal board under the person. At last they took the person out on the board through the back of the car. Today really opened up my eyes about the dangers that come with speeding and reckless driving.