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Young Scientist

Title of project-The Problems of Technology Addiction

The students of St.Brigid's entered the BT Scientist Competition and their reserach stemmed from a growing concern over the long term impact of technology . Their focus centred on the effects of phones and how smartphones affected their lives. As avid users of technology they had concerns for their teenage peers who spend an average of 27 hours a week online.

Consequently, they investigated the problems of technology addiction. Surveys were a major part of their project as well as interviews with Jason O' Mahony ( MSc Forensic Cyber Crime Investigator) , and Gary O' Donovan, Sean Casey and Paul Griffin, who are all successful international rowers, to ascertain their views of the effects of technology on their branch of sport.

The girls were not prizewinners but were delighted to see fellow Killarney students from St. Brendan's celebrate success.

Well done to all involved and thanks to the science department for their support of this endeavour.