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Awards 2019

On Friday, May 24th, St, Brigid's held our annual awards day. This is one of the highlights of the school calendar and rewards students who have gone the extra mile in contributing to our school community over the past year. Awards were presented for excellence in sport, leadership, business, home economics, art and design, English, together with general awards for contribution to school spirit and leadership. 

Parents were invited to join us for the occasion, which was held in the school gym. The audience were entertained by wonderful music and singing from the senior choir and music students, including a spine-tingling solo performance by Shauna O Leary, Leaving Cert.

Guest of honour was Brigid Quilligan, past pupil, who addressed the students with her memories of the time she spent in St. Brigid's. Ms Quilligan spoke very highly of the encouragement she received as a student here in the school, and reminded the audience of the importance of seizing all of the wonderful opportunities that a good education can provide. She also warned students about some of the dangers of a world that has become increasingly dominated by social media, and reminded the girls of the importance of the here and now. 

We were also addressed by Róisín Moore, principal, who congratulated each and every student on their contribution to the school in the past year, and who made special mention of those who work quietly behind the scenes each and every day to ensure the smooth running of St. Brigid's, with special mention of the office staff, canteen staff and Kevin Farrell, our caretaker, who designed a beautiful new lectern especially for the awards day.

As part of the celebrations, an ice-cream van visited the school and doled out 99's to the delighted students to reward them all for their unique contribution to the school.

The ceremony was overseen and presented by Ms.Gilligan, who deserves special mention for her hard work and dedication over the past number of weeks in organising the ceremony, while Mr. Horan took charge of the school photographs.

A wonderful day was had by all and many congratulations to all those who received awards.