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Orla Benson Award Winner 2019

Each year, the school presents a special award to a Leaving Certificate student who has shown exceptional dedication to the school spirit - the Orla Benson award. Orla Benson, a past pupil of St. Brigid's Secondary School, was killed tragically at a young age. In her memory, the Benson family provides a bursary each year for a student who fulfills all of the following criteria: 

  1. Full Participation in the life of the school
  2. Has co-operated with peers and staff
  3. Has used leisure time in a creative way
  4. Has shown leadership qualities
  5. Has shown a sense of humour and is full of the joys of life
  6. And like Orla gave time and talent to help those in need
The award this year was presented by Orla's brother, Aaron, to Miriam Fleming. Miriam has been an exemplary student for her entire school career in St. Brigid's. Her happy demeanour and committment to excellence in her studies has been noted by staff and students alike, and she has provided younger students in the school with a wonderful role model to look up to. We congratulate Miriam on this accolade and wish her all the very best for the next chapter of her life.

Miriam (pictured centre) with Aaron Benson, her mother Annelia, Year Head Ms Dillon -O' Rourke, and Principal Ms Moore