St. Brigid’s Presentation offered a golf programme this Spring 2022.

It was open to students from all year groups and was led by teacher and golfer Ms. E. O’Donnell.

It provides a great opportunity to try out a new activity and meet others with similar interests.

Group golf lessons were organised at the Killarney Golf Academy in Lackabane.

The lessons took place on Wednesday afternoons with clubs, golf balls and tuition provided at the local facility.

Head Professional at Killarney Golf and Fishing Club Mark Heinemann coached the girls in putting, chipping, pitching and the long game.

The programme included a fun golf scramble competition out on the golf course.

Lots of great advice and tips were shared throughout the coaching sessions.

We are hoping to have a junior golf team to represent St. Brigid’s at the Munster Schools Tournament next year.

Stayed tuned for the next golf programme and further updates!

                                                           “Golf for everyone - for enjoyment, for health, for life” – Golf Ireland

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