Soccer in St Brigid's

Soccer in St. Brigid’s Presentation Secondary School

Tradition of soccer in our school

Soccer has long been a popular choice of extra-curricular activity at St. Brigid’s and our school has seen great success over the years. Playing soccer gives students from all year groups a chance to play together and also meet new people and make friends. Soccer is a very competitive sport in our school - we have teams for first years, junior cycle and senior cycle.  


Benefits of playing soccer

  • Increases aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health.
  • Lowers body fat and improves muscle tone.
  • Builds strength, flexibility and endurance.
  • Increases muscle and bone strength.
  • Improves your mood
  • Reduces stress
  • Boosts self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Helps you to control emotions
  • Improves health due to shifts between walking, running and sprinting.



In St. Brigid’s, the team of coaches include Ms. Sarah Cronin, Ms. O’Donnell and Mr. Cian Counihan. Training generally takes place each week, once a week, after school, for approximately one hour. Often training sessions can increase an approach to games and tournaments. The soccer teams work on various skills to improve their; dribbling skills, shooting skills, crossing skills, turning skills, tackling skills, and heading skills.

Several students of our school play with Kerry and enjoy success at county level as well as club and school level.

The Junior Soccer team represented St. Brigid’s in the Munster Cup and Kerry Soccer League this academic year 2021/2022.

They contested the final of the Kerry Junior Soccer League verus Mercy Mounthawk, following wins over Tarbert Comprehensive, Castleisland Community College and Millstreet Community School. The St. Brigid’s team were runners up this time and look forward to their soccer campaign again next year.

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