What is the Green Schools Programme?

The Green School programme is an international environmental education programme, environmental management system and award scheme that promotes and acknowledges long-term, whole school action for the environment. St. Brigid’s Secondary School is an active member of the Green School programme.

The Green Schools Committee consists of Transition Year Students who meet one class a week with Green Schools Coordinator Ms. Sheree Murphy.

To date we have received five green flags.

  • Litter and waste
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Travel
  • Biodiversity

The committee and school are currently working towards their 6th flag which is Global Citizenship Litter & Waste

Not only does St. Brigid’s participate in the Green School initiative, our Transition Year students are also part of helping the Tidy Towns in litter picking and planting of bulbs in locations around the Killarney Town.


Here is just a glimpse into some of the work the green schools class did this academic year

  • Collected perfectly good food from the end of the day in Tesco which would have otherwise been thrown out and gave it out to students for free the next day during lunch time. 
  • Banned paper coffee cups to encourage the use of reusable coffee cups.
  • Organised for all students to get 50c off their tea/coffee etc in the black sheep and RiRa if they have a reusable coffee cup.
  • Organised clothes drive to highlight fast fashion
  • Group of students have started a podcast called "Planet A Podcast" to highlight climate change issues.
  • A group of students have made a booklet called "Friends of the Forest" which highlights how we can use locally grown plants for various everyday use.
  • We have started composting some of our organic waste.
  • Students regularly go litter picking and took part in the National Spring Clean
  • Completed the "Dog Poo" campaign with Kerry County Council to highlight Dog fouling problem in Killarney.
  • Took part in the Halloween "Think before you flush campaign" with An Tasice to highlight what not to throw down the toilet.
  • Planted bulbs with Killarney Lions Club.
  • Visited the Killarney Urban Farm
  • Painted Car tyres and planted flowers inside them.

Image preview


Some initiatives our green schools committee have done throughout the years:

Offered cycling workshops to 1st years

Installed 2 x covered bike shed

Put in place a committee to promote alternatives to private transport

Promoted “Walk on Wednesdays”

Ran a “5 Days 5 Ways” week

Promoted walking and cycling to school within the school community and extended our efforts to the local community

Published distances for park and stride points in the student diary for the and promoted this at parents’ events

Devised and created 3 signs at the school gates to promote park and stride

Ran a TY module to promote safe cycling

Ban on single use plastic bottles

No plastic cutlery in the canteen

Two new water fountains installed in the school building and gym

Bins are categorised into the following headings: All Plastics, Glass bottles, Recycling, General Waste and Compost bin.

No bins in classes.

We strive to recycle everything we can

Shred paper

No tomato ketchup sachets

No crisps allowed due to packaging

Popcorn is banned

Introduction of emails to teachers to cut down on the amount of paper being use.

Texting teachers and parents on important issues

Shared folders for both staff and students to cut down on handouts.

Fixed our photocopier to print from the staff computers double sided.

Renovated the roof

Sensor Lighting

Walls have been dry lined

Windows have been resealed

Changed the boiler

Double glazed windows

Triple glazed insulation

Boiler coat

Use energy efficient lights

Adjust thermostats in Winter and in the Summer

We have now put in 2 500 ml bottles into the cisterns to reduce 1 liter of water per flush.

Changed syphons on toilets which gave out less water

Water compression taps

Taps now releasing less water

Water bills are analyased

Reporting leaks is more frequent

Fun Fact!

St. Brigid’s have changed all the taps in the school from the old twist taps to compression taps. Twist taps use 5 or 6 liters in 30 seconds, but compression taps only use 3 liters in 30 seconds. This is because they reduce the water flow, so there is more force and less water used. We also changed the syphons in the toilets. They use 9 liters to flush if you don’t hold down the lever, but they only use 6 liters if you hold the lever down for only 5 seconds.

In 2019 we won Best School Project in the Killarney Looking Good Awards for our “5days 5 New Ways” campaign to promote alternative means of travelling to school

St. Brigid’s students have had many successes in various competitions.


Poetry Aloud
“Poetry Aloud” is a poetry speaking competition organised by the National Library of Ireland. The competition has two stages: regional heats which are held during October here in St. Brigid’s; and the semi-final and final which are held in the National Library of Ireland, in Dublin.
The regional heats of the competition are always a great success, with students from all over the Kerry region taking part.
There are three categories: Junior (1st and 2nd years); Intermediate (3rd and 4th years); Senior (5th and 6th years).

What is basketball?

Basketball is a fast-paced sport that involves two teams of five players each. The objective is to try and score by throwing the ball accurately through a hope. The team with the most points wins.

History of basketball in our school

St. Brigid’s Secondary School has a long tradition and reputation for school basketball. We are currently playing in Senior A, Cadet A and second year and first year A dimensions. It gives the girls a chance to meet and train with girls who may not necessarily be in their own class, or even in their own year. It also gives them the rare chance to play with girls from other rival clubs. Basketball is a very competitive sport in our school and always has one of the highest interest levels. We have teams for first years, second years, cadet and senior girls.

5 benefits from basketball

It’s a whole-body workout and good for muscle development.

They will learn the importance of good sportsmanship.

Improves social development and team-work skills.

Learning about the importance of respecting authority and self-discipline.

Increased self-esteem. 


In St Brigid’s, the team of coaches include Ms. Kate Donnellan, Mr. Christian Lyne-Roberts and Ms. Emma Bunworth. Training takes place in our very own full-size basketball court which is located on the grounds of the school. Training is usually one evening after school for each team, but sessions can increase on approach to games and tournaments. The teams work on skill-improving drills, tactics and mini games to improve their knowledge of the game, both offensively and defensively.

 2023 season a sucess!

  • Minor & Junior basketball team won the Southwest Regional Finals.
  • Both teams went forward to qualify for the All Irelands.
  • Juniors won an All-Ireland silver medal their first defeat in two years after winning the All Ireland in 2022
  • The minors went on to win the All-Ireland Cup the second year in a row for St. Brigid's. They beat Crescent Comprehensive with a final score of 41-23
  • The cadet team also were successful this season as they secured All Ireland Bronze.Image preview
2022 another successful year for basketball here at St Brigid’s.
  • Our minor and junior basketball team won the Southwest Regional Finals after going unbeaten for 5 games. 
  • They both then went forward to qualify for the All Irelands.
  • Our juniors won an All-Ireland Bronze Medal after losing in the semis by a last minute 3- pointer. 
  • The minors went on to win the All-Ireland Cup and went the whole season unbeaten. They beat Pres Kilkenny comfortably in the final to lift the cup in the National Basketball Arena, Dublin

Awards Ceremony 

At our awards ceremony, the captains were commended for their leadership throughout the season. Congratulations to Laura Healy, Muireann Healy, Eabha Rudden and Sue O' Donoghue. 

Four other players were also awarded with Most Valuable Player; Ciara O Sullivan, Doireann Dwyer, Leah McMahon and Tara Donnellan. 
Special Mentions
Leah McMahon went on to represent her country internationally in Scotland and won the Nations Cup. She will also travel with the squad this summer as she made the Final Cut. Well-deserved Leah!
Tara Donnellan, who has been an essential part in everything basketball related since she was in first year, finished off the year with a bang as she lifted the U18 National Cup with the Limerick Celtics. We wish Tara every success in her future, and we know that we will be hearing about her again soon. Good luck Tara! 

Previous Honours

  • In 2008 we were 1st Year A All-Ireland winners and Kerry League and semi-finalists of the All-Ireland at Cadet Level.
  • In 2009 we were 2nd Year Kerry League winners and Senior A semi-finalists and Cup Quarter finalists.
  • St. Brigid's Presentation Secondary School Killarney Junior A basketball team won the All Ireland final on May 2nd, 2017  in the National Arena in Tallaght. They played Portlaoise in the semi-final and won 42-38. They played Malahide in the final and won 37-27. A great success for a great team of girls!

Several past pupils of our school have followed their success with the school at national level where they went on to represent Ireland at different levels.

If anyone has any inquiry regarding basketball here in our school, please send an email to Mr. Roberts (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Ms. Bunworth (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Art Competitions: 
Students are encouraged to enter various nationwide competitions such as; This is Art!, Zurich Young Portrait, Credit Union, Mental Health Ireland, Texaco art competition among others. As well as the seasonal in-house competitions through our Instagram page @sbk_art
Art Clubs
After school clubs will be advertised in the extra curricular timetable annually.

St. Brigid’s Law and Debating Society offers students the unique opportunity to explore a whole range of student-centered learning activities.