In addition to studying the Religious Education specification for Junior Cycle, Senior Cycle non exam curriculum and the Leaving Certificate exam syllabus as an option subject, students also get a more experiential taste of the subject and are invited to take part in retreats, days of reflection and visits to some special sites during their time in St. Brigid’s. Our first-year students visit Nano Nagle place in Cork city to hear first hand how the Presentation Order was set up, learn about Nano Nagle and see where Nano’s very first classroom was in Cove Lane. This is a wonderful way for our new members of the school to experience the history and tradition we are so fortunate to share with all Presentation schools.

The students also have retreat days from 2nd to 5th year where a specifically trained team will come to the school to work with the students for a day on personal development, spiritual reflection and build friendships and make memories for the year group. Our students have thoroughly enjoyed these days in the past. Students have commented that these are some of the best days they can remember when they leave school:

“It was amazing from start to finish - I have such happy memories from the retreat”

“I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it”

“We got to know each other in a completely different way that day. It was amazing”

“It was lovely to have the time to mix with everyone else in the year group not just in your class”

In November We Remember

November is a time for remembering and praying for our loved ones who have gone before us and whose loss we feel. This year each student in our school community was given a leaf to remember a person close to them that has passed.

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