A wonderful new addition to St Brigid's Secondary School, an ASD class, opened in September 2020. This class caters specifically for students with a diagnosis of autism and allows for specialised, individual, and small group teaching for students, who also remain integrated with the mainstream student body. The ASD co-ordinators for the school year 2023/2024 are Eilish O' Riordan and Jenna Moynihan (pictured left to right), who have a wealth of experience in ASD

The room incorporates the TEACCH principles which were designed by the University of Carolina to guide structured teaching for autistic students. We also operate a lunch club so that students with an autism diagnosis can take some time out and relax in our chill-out area (pictured below). The class can cater for a maximum of six students as sanctioned by the NCSE.

Our class reflects the inclusive ethos in St Brigid's Secondary School which is based on the belief that students with special needs should receive their education within the most supportive environment. The focus on realising the full potential of each individual student will endeavour to develop the students’ life skills and prepare them for life after school in an ever-evolving model of best practice.

Special Education Needs Mission Statement: Our aim is to prepare students for life and responsible citizenship and to motivate them towards the achievement of their full potential.

Curriculum and Integration: All students attending the ASD class in St Brigid's Secondary School attend mainstream classes as far as possible. Our class will provide the relevant supports for students with ASD to enable them to integrate into the mainstream classes, so as they can be taught alongside their peers with most of their learning taking place there. During their time in the ASD class, students have access to an extended curriculum where they receive social and life skills training, a sensory programme and stress management strategies. Students' timetables operate from an individual modified timetable. The number of academic subjects undertaken is dependent on their needs and abilities. Activities in the ASD class are also student specific. Each student's timetable is constantly under review and changes can be made throughout the academic year if necessary

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