The SEN Department aims to facilitate and co-ordinate the provision of education to students who may have difficulty functioning and achieving within the constraints of traditional mainstream education.  We have a qualified team of SEN Coordinators who are proactive in working with the students to support them in every possible way.  

The department carefully considers the needs of the individual student, aims to provide support and monitors the student throughout her time in the school. We work closely with all those who have a shared interest in the student’s educational and personal development, placing a particular emphasis and value on its relationship with the student’s primary educators, her parents. The SEN Department also works in collaboration with parents and external agencies in the preparation of individual students for adult and working life. 

Equally, the school is dedicated to ensuring that Exceptionally Able Students have the opportunities for academic excellence that they require in full recognition of their Special Educational Needs. Since 2011 our school has participated in a programme to heighten awareness of our Exceptionally Able Students. We identify any students in this category and the parents of the relevant students are invited to refer their daughters to CTY (Centre for Talented Youth).  

SEN Coordinators(2022/2023)

Left to Right: Marina Hickey(2nd year), Mary Carey(6th year & LCA 2), Stephanie Horan(1st,3rd& TY), Bryan O Leary (5th Year & LCA1)

Useful Websites:

National Council for Special Education

Gifted Kids

As I Am

Dyslexia Association of Ireland

National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS)

National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS) 

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