St Brigid’s has a range of modern, well-equipped facilities to cater for the wide range of subjects on offer in the school. All of our classrooms are equipped with the up-to-date educational technology. Several of our specialist rooms have been recently refurbished, including the addition of a new art room and science laboratory.

Facilities currently on offer include:

  • Three Science Laboratories
  • Two Art Rooms
  • Two Home Economics Rooms
  • One Music Rooms
  •  A spacious gym
  • An Information Technology Room
  • Leaving Cert Applied Room with specialised equipment
  • Design Communication Graphics room (complete with a suite of computers)
  •  Private Career Guidance and Counselling Office
  • ASD Class
  • Meditation Room
  • Two bicycle sheds
  • Lockers

A brand-new school has been sanctioned by the Department of Education and Skills (DES) for St. Brigid’s and it has now gone to design stage. Exciting times ahead!

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