The Student Council provides students with the opportunity to voice their opinions, concerns and to become involved in school life. Each class group has a representative on the Student Council to ensure all class groups have an input into the school community.

A suggestion box is located outside the Principal’s office. Students are encouraged to place any suggestions they may have regarding school matters into this box.

Surveys and questionnaires are distributed to all students throughout the year where they are provided with the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions on various topics in order to have an input and participate in St. Brigid’s Presentation Secondary school.

We encourage our students to:

  • Be involved in the work of the school, actively participating in all extra curricular activities.
  • Value time, effort and work.
  • Co-operate with and respect teachers.
  • Be actively involved in the work and prayer life of the school.
  • Share responsibility for creating and maintaining good relationships and Christian concept of authority and discipline.
  • Develop an awareness to face the challenge of modern society.
  • Act as leaders, sharing in decisions which involve them taking responsibility for these decisions.

Student Council 2022/23

                                                               Junior Student Council Members                                                                 


Back: Réailtín O' Donoghue, Ciara Forde, Anna Roche, Clodagh Flanagan, Megan O' Reilly, Feithleann Somers, Sarah Muldarry, Su Ping Lin, Faye O' Donoghue, Niamh Kissane, Jennifer Myers.
Front: Isabel Cremin, Kate Fleming, Deirbhile Purcell. 

Senior Student Council Members


Back: Ella Galvin, Ciara O' Sullivan, Jennie O' Mahony, Juliet Cooper, Jessica Fuller, Doireann O' Sullivan, Lorna O' Donoghue, 
Front: Sorcha Blackwell, Sarah Reidy, Amelia Sinclair, Laura Cremins

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