Guidance Department

The Guidance Team in St. Brigid’s Presentation school, Killarney, endeavour to offer a warm, supportive and encouraging environment for student to explore their Educational, Vocational, Social, Emotional and Personal Needs.

The Whole school Guidance Programme is delivered in St. Brigid’s in line with the requirements of The Education Act (1998) that stipulates schools provide students with “access to appropriate guidance to assist them in their educational and career choices” (section 9c). The Whole school Guidance programme is a continuum of support model where Guidance and counselling services are provided for all, for some and for a few.

In support of our students the school has made provision for two Guidance counsellors who work closely together as professionals and cooperatively with other departments in the school to create an enabling and progressive learning space for all our students. The Guidance counsellors are part of the school student support team.

The school support students in need of social or emotional support through the provision of personal guidance counselling services by the guidance counsellors. The guidance counsellors operate a referral system where identified students in need of personal counselling are referred on for further support with professional therapist. Students can also avail of the mindfulness classes in group sessions.

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